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Rising Tide Expeditions is owned and operated by trained and experienced sea kayak guide/ instructors. Every effort is made to minimize risks, real and perceived, through training, practice, proper equipment and careful decision-making.

We take care and pride in the comfort and positive experiences of our guests.  Our guides are fluent in the human and natural histories of our paddling areas. We would love to introduce you to the land, the sea and the stories of Cape Breton, from the Mi’kmaq to the Vikings, Basques, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Scots, and everyone who has visited or lived on our shores.

Rising Tide Expeditions believes that “A Rising Tide floats all boats”.

We work to be a positive and productive part of the revitalization of the Southeast Coast of Cape Breton Island. We support Island, Nova Scotia and Canadian businesses where possible.  This means that you are served local locally-produced food and wines wherever possible.

We follow Leave No Trace wilderness ethics on our trip to maintain the natural beauty of the places we visit.

Jacqueline, Tim and Kathy are proud residents of Gabarus, and members of the Gabarus Volunteer Fire Department. If there is something going on in the community, chances are that at least one of them is involved.

Jacqueline Holmes has led multi-day sea kayak trips in British Columbia’s Inside Passage and Haida Gwaii, Baja Mexico and Nova Scotia since 1995. She has also led hiking, snowshoeing and dog-sled excursions in various parts of North America and travelled extensively in North and South America and the Caribbean.

Jacqueline studied and worked in international development and has worked in adult education, mental health rehabilitation, as a wild mushroom picker and buyer, taxi and airport shuttle driver, baker and many other things.  She earned Sea Kayak Guide’s Alliance of BC Lead Guide certifications before moving to the East Coast and is a Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Instructor and Stand-Up Paddleboard Instructor.

She has an infectious enthusiasm for nature and loves to be outdoors.

Tim White has led multi-day sea kayak trips in British Columbia’s Inside Passage, Baja Mexico and Atkantic Canada since 1996. He has also led hiking and snowshoeing trips in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and paddled and travelled in Alaska, the Caribbean and Iceland.


Tim is a registered Occupational Therapist who has worked with people with a variety of needs for twenty years.  He is an Association of Eastern Canadian Sea Kayak Outfitters Lead Guide, certified Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Instructor and Stand-Up Paddleboard Instructor, Training Officer with the Gabarus Volunteer Fire Department, a former member of Paddle Canada’s Instruction and Safety Committee and its national Sea Kayaking Program Development Committee, and a current member of its national Board of Directors.

Tim enjoys sharing stories and songs of his Nova Scotia upbringing,  as well as a drop of whiskey or rum now and then.

Kathy Harriss has been sea kayaking for several years and has been a trip leader on Cape Breton Island and northern Newfoundland as well as coach at the Cape Breton Paddlefest.

Native to the area, she grew up on and around boats in Gabarus Bay her entire life.   Kathy has been an entrepreneur for over twenty years and is inventive and industrious.  Kathy is a Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Instructor and sea kayak guide.

She loves animals and the outdoors, and can always be counted on for hard work, laughs and local stories.

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