Paddle Canadas the national recreational paddlesports organization which promotes safe enjoyment of canoeing, kayaking and Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) across the country.  No matter what your personal preference, Kayak or Canoe, they have you covered.

The Paddle Canada Sea Kayaking Program starts with skills for the beginner in calm conditions and progresses to advanced skills for open coastal touring in rough-water conditions.  It includes standards for each skill level, instructor certification and instructor-trainer certification.

Jacqueline, Kathy and Tim are Paddle Canada certified Sea Kayaking Instructors and have a combined 37 years of training sea kayakers.


NEW! Stand-Up Paddleboard Classes and Rentals

Jacqueline and Tim are Cape Breton Island’s only SUP Instructors!

Paddle Canada’s SUP Program sets the national standard for SUP instruction.

Introduction to Stand Up Paddleboard: (3 hours)
Introduces the novice to paddling in enclosed sheltered waters and calm conditions. Skills covered include a kneeling, standing on a board, forward & turning strokes, and safety awareness.

Price: $65
Dates: 9am-Noon – July 7, July 27, September 8.

Advanced Flatwater: (3 hours) Teaches day-paddling skills on inland waterways with wind and waves. Provides the theory and skills for paddling inland waters with wind and waves. Includes: pivot turns, wave surfing, foot positions, edging and bracing.

Price: $65
Dates:1-4pm – July 7, July 27, September 8.

Intro and Advanced Flatwater SUP Full-day package with lunch – $140.

SUP Rental

$20 for an hour and $10 for each additional hour (eg. 4 hours would be $50). Board rental includes SUP with leash, PFD and paddle.


SUP Stand-Up Paddleboard

Sea State 0 – Introduction to Sea Kayaking

Learn the basics of sea kayaking over one day. Includes lunch and equipment.  Paddle Canada Introduction to Kayaking curriculum is completed and certification is available to those who qualify.

Price: $140
Dates: July 6, July 28, August 24, September 7.

Women-Only Courses with female instructors available.

Sea State 1 – Safety and Sea Kayaking

Practice and develop your paddling ability, seamanship and rescue skills necessary to travel safely on the water in this two-day course. Includes meals and equipment. Local accommodation available. Paddle Canada Sea Kayaking Level 1curriculum is completed and certification is available to those who qualify.

Price: $300
Dates: July 6-7, July 27-28, September 7-8.

A separate Level 1 Assessment is available to qualified paddlers at the discretion of our instructors. Please call or email for details.

Sea State 2 – Sea Kayak Touring

Build your skills and seamanship to explore the coastline in your sea kayak in this proficiency course. Includes a 2-night outing, moving-water and surf practice and ‘open-water’ conditions. Accommodations will be tenting. Lunches are provided on the Gabarus-based days, with meals on the overnight portion provided by participants. Paddle Canada Sea Kayaking Level 1 or equivalent is a prerequisite; Paddle Canada Sea Kayaking Level 2 curriculum is completed and certification is available to those who qualify. This year we are offering the course as a series of skill development days with an overnight expedition to cap it off or as a 5-day intensive course.

Price: $650.
Dates: Multi-Day Course August 23-27 (Meet the night of the 22nd)

Serial Course (TBA – Contact Us)

Assessment of a paddler’s Sea Kayaking Level-2 Skills is available to qualified paddlers, at the discretion of our instructors.

Introduction to Kayaking Instructor Training

Develop your personal paddling ability, leadership and learn to teach others sea kayaking skills in this 2-day course.  Meals and instructional materials are provided, local accommodation is available.  Paddle Canada Sea Kayaking Level 1 or equivalent is a prerequisite; Paddle Canada Introduction to Sea Kayaking Instructor curriculum is completed and certification is available to those who qualify.

Price: $350

Kayak Rolling Clinic

Learn kayaking’s best self-rescue technique – not having to exit your kayak when you capsize.

Price: $65.
Dates:TBA – Contact Us.

Surf Practice Clinic

Get your kayak on and off ‘surf’ beaches in style.

Price: $65.
Dates:TBA – Contact Us.

Stroke Development Clinic

Learn and refine your paddlestrokes for power, efficiency and finesse.

Price: $65.
Dates:TBA – Contact Us.

Navigation Clinic

An introduction to knowing where you want to go, where you are and where you’re going in your kayak.

Price: $65.
Dates:TBA – Contact Us.

Rescue and Recovery Clinic

Practice getting you and your paddling partner back into your kayaks on the water in wind and waves.

Price: $65.
Dates:TBA – Contact Us.

Kayaking for Couples

Paddling with your boyfriend/ girlfriend/ wife/ husband/ partner/ significant other?  Learn to paddle with male and female instructors and work together as a team.

Price: $140.
Dates:TBA – Contact Us.

Tandem (Double) Kayak Clinic

Do you have or want to buy a tandem (double) kayak to paddle as a couple or family?  Our course covers the strokes and maneuvers needed to make the best of these big kayaks.

Price: $65.
Dates:TBA – Contact Us.

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